Much more than registering for a marathon

25 January, 2016

Upon registering for the marathon, Valencia Ciudad del Running offers you an array of facilities and services to help your stay in Valencia be amazing. Every year we have more runners coming form around the world to run the race and to see the city.

On the website: www.welcometovalencia.com  runners can access a variety of services from booking your holiday running package to which restaurants have runners menus and all the activities you can do in the city

On the sports side, you could join one of the training sessions that are held regularly, not only in Valencia, but also in Madrid and Barcelona. These free sessions cover fitness, psychology and nutrition. The sessions are led by experts and veteran marathon runners. If you want to get ready for the 20th of November in good company, these sessions are for you.

If, before registration, for this year’s event, your estimated finishing time has gone up or down, please tell us this in your registration. The start of the race is done in ‘waves’. Runners with similar estimated finishing times will start at the same time. This helps to avoid congestion and makes for a smooth start and a much smoother race.

With your race number you will also get access to special deals, discounts and treats that are only available to runners and their companions. You will feel like a VIP in shops and restaurants that carry the marathon branding. Many restaurants have special runner’s menu deals where you can eat a balanced meal that has been optimized for marathon runners. Also, you will have access to free public transport on the day of the race and special discounts on many local activities; just check out the website for more info.

Don’t speak Spanish? No problem! Valencia has a dedicated runner’s customer service telephone number that is open all year. The operators speak English and they know everything about the race, travel and the city.

Supporting events for the Marathon

Valencia has fantastic restaurants and activities all year round, during the marathon there are events that are exclusively for runners and their companions. One of the biggest and most social events is the Paella Party. This large event sees over 20,000 portions of Paella being eaten, and it’s a great place to meet the other runners. At Expo Deporte you will have access to the latest trends, tech and products form the world of running. The Expo Deporte also serves as the headquarters for the organization and is where most of the pre-race entertainment happens such as Rock & Run.

If you have brought your little ones with you, there are plenty of activities for kids and teens such as the Mini-Olympics and MAPFRE road show.

These great events are mostly held in the grounds of the City of Arts and Sciences. This city center complex is a sprawling futuristic backdrop to a great weekend of sport, entertainment and camaraderie. See you in La Ciudad del Running!

Registration for the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon opens on February 2nd. Don’t delay, tickets sell out fast: www.maratonvalencia.com.

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