More than 100,000 visitors for the Valencia Marathon stand at top international fairs

7 May, 2015

The Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon is once again the number one place to be in the international calendar for November. Runners from all over the world will take part in the race that has become the fastest in Spain, also the race has been recognized as the best in recent years by the RFEA. The crowds of locals fill the streets that glide through the most emblematic parts of the city. The local runners are well prepared come marathon day as they have already competed in many of the other races and competitions that Valencia holds throughout the year. Valencia is a special race for Spanish runners from other cities. As Valencia is the fastest circuit in Spain, thousands of runners come from all over Spain to smash their PBs, have a great long weekend and enjoy the carnival atmosphere.

The success of Valencia as a premium national event has lead to Valencia becoming an elite international event. The reputation of the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon, its sporting achievements (officially fastest course in Spain), its world class event organization (IAAF Silver medal) and a very successful promotional tour of all the main fairs has caught the eye of many international runners

The Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon has been at all the major fairs this summer alongside Valencia Ciudad del Running. Rome, Paris, London, Berlin… and also Madrid and Barcelona. The city of Valencia was proudly in attendance in all of these cities and more than 100,000 people came to see us at the Valencian stand.

With the hope of making the most of this fantastic contact with the public and especially with runners who may be interested in running in Valencia, the team decided to sell race registrations and marathon holiday packages directly from the stand. The packs were designed so runners could book everything in one place and get on with the important stuff: training! These packages and direct bookings have greatly increased the number of International runners in the marathon this year.

As of today, 1 in 4 runners registered for the 2015 Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon come from outside of Spain. To be very specific, 25.05% of registered runners are international runners. The number of national and international runners is expected to increase as the Valencia Marathon Tour has added two new stops to it promotional tour this year; Mannheim in Germany and Stockholm in Sweden

Two new steps that further increase the growing reputation of Valencia as a truly international running city. At the moment Italy supplies the most international runners (7% as of today), followed by Belgium, Britain, France, Holland, Switzerland and Germany. But, to be truly international we also need runners from outside of Europe. This year we already have registrations from China, Afghanistan, South Korea and Hong Kong. As always the USA and Canada send the most runners from outside Europe.



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