Valencia Marathon cancellation FAQs

Cancelación Maratón Valencia Trinidad Alfonso EDP

If you are entered for the 2020 Valencia Marathon,  you can also register HERE

Remember, in any case, you must confirm you are already registered by entering your ID, your date of birth and your email address so that we can check that it really is you who is choosing a given option for your entry.

Select your option

You can choose one of these options from 15th September to 6th December 2020:

  • 1- Exchange your entry for a place on the 2021 edition (5th December 2021):
    • You will not have to pay a penny.
    • You keep all your entry rights (option to change runner, refund in the event of medically certified injury, and so on).
    • You keep any extras you contracted (insurance, medal engraving, poncho, BreakFast Run).
  • 2- Request full refund of your entry.
    • Any extra services you contracted will also be refunded in full.
    • If you chose to make a charitable donation with your entry, this will not be refunded. Instead, all the €3 donations will be paid over to Save the Children — this year’s charity — as planned, as will any other donations.
    • We will make the transfer from November and you will receive it in a few days in the bank account you specify.
  • 3- Renounce refund of the entry fee for the 2020 race as a token of your support for the organisers, which is suffering from the suspension of an event it has been working on for months.
    • Includes a guaranteed place in the 2021 edition (5th December 2021).
    • You can register by paying the price set for the first tranche of entries during the special offer period.

You can choose what to do with your registration for this year up until 6th December 2020. However, the option to participate in the 4.0 2020 Valencia Marathon Trinidad Alfonso EDP Virtual Edition will only be available until 15th October, since we need to get your 40th Anniversary box ready and send it where you specify.

If you do not choose any of the options by 6th December, we will automatically remove your 2020 registration. This is because we cannot reserve places for the 2021 edition for runners we have not received a response from.

If you choose a refund for your entry fee, we will begin to manage this refund by transfer to the bank account that you specify from November. 

Even if you entered using a credit card, we ask that you send us your bank account number so that you can choose where you want to receive the refund. We are doing this because you may have changed your bank and/or your credit card may have expired or have been lost in the meantime. Take care to write out and check all the numbers of your bank account. This will help ensure there are no hitches in getting you your refund.

Of course. Although we do not know what ceiling will be placed on the number of runners next year, if you do decide to use your entry for next year, you can be sure of a place. Furthermore, you will not have to pay a penny extra even if the price for next year’s event goes up or there is a defined maximum number of participants. Rest assured, you will have your place in the 2021 Valencia Marathon!

Yes – our Self-Service Area lets you change the options you want. We will even ask you again about your race shirt size and other options next year.

The deadline to choose an option regarding Half Marathon entries was due on 31st August. If you did not make a choice, you were automatically entered for the 2021 Valencia Half Marathon, including any services and extras you contracted, and you will be able to continue managing your entry when the registration process opens again next year. You can now only decide regarding the Valencia Marathon.

If you choose a refund, we will repay you the part covering the Marathon, regardless of the option you chose on the Half Marathon at the time. 

If you paid for cancellation insurance when you signed up, this will remain valid in 2021 if you have decided to transfer your bib to next year. If you choose the refund option, we will also refund the insurance premium you paid. If you choose the option to run the 4.0 Valencia Marathon, you lose the right to the cancellation insurance.

All free entries from sponsors and collaborating brands whether given out directly or through competitions or similar mechanisms must receive the same email as any other registered runner. This email will offer the option to transfer your entry to the 2021 edition. Read it carefully and manage your entry within the indicated period.

If Luanvi gave you a code and you entered for the race after making a purchase at the 2019 Runners’ Fair, you will receive the same email as the other registered runners giving you the option to transfer your bib to 2021, which we recommend. However, we cannot refund your money because your purchase covered sports materials, not a race bib. The race bib was a gift after you made your purchase. 

Yes, you can sign up later at the initial price of the 4.0 Valencia Marathon Virtual Edition, which will be 120 euros. You would, therefore, have a guaranteed place in 2021, and after paying the price, you could participate in the 4.0 Valencia Marathon Virtual Edition receiving the product kit at home.

Yes, you can choose the option to request a refund to receive the amount of your entry for 2020. And you can later register for the 4.0 Valencia Marathon Virtual Edition by paying the price of the event, which will be 120 euros, when the registration process opens.

Yes, you can sign up later by paying the price of the virtual event, which will be 120 euros, when the registration process opens.

No, if your bib for the 2020 Valencia Marathon was cheaper than the 4.0 Valencia Marathon Virtual Edition, your entry is automatically transferred at no additional cost whatsoever. Remember that you can only choose one option, which should be the one that is best or more attractive for you.

If you registered with a “Gift” code, we recommend you select the option to change to 2021 and you will have your bib assured for next year. We cannot refund the registration fee because you did not make the purchase.

You can request the return of the cost for any associated services or extras included when you yourself made the purchase and payment.