Training Plans

All runners entered for the 39th Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon 2019 can receive our training plans, of which there are five versions depending on the target race time. The plans have been drawn up by José Garay, Trainer of CA Cárnicas Serrano (athletics club).

Do you want to get your training plan?

To receive the training guide/plan by e-mail, runners entered for the Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon must make a request to such effect. When you request the plan, we will check your entry details for the Valencia Marathon 2019: Entry number; E-mail address; DNI/NIE/Passport Number.

From then on, your training plan will be sent to you weekly by e-mail. Each part of the plan covers the following seven days of your training. Videos and useful tips will be provided along with the plans to help you get the most out of your training.

The plans cater to those runners who are aiming to finish the Marathon in under one of the following times: 3 hours 30; 3 hours 45; 4 hours 00; 4 hours 15; 4 hours 30. The plans cover a 16-week period before the Marathon. The first instalment of the Plan will therefore cover the week beginning Monday the 12th of August.

So starting on Sunday the 11th of August, a training plan instalment will land in your e-mail each week. You can also follow the plan in the private section of the web site that we have set up for this purpose.

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