The Valencia Marathon and EMT renew their agreement benefiting runners and the whole city

20 September, 2017

The Valencia Marathon and EMT [Valencia’s Municipal Transport Company] renew their agreement for the second year in a row to benefit runners and the whole city on the 19th of November 2017. Parties to the agreement are: SD Correcaminos; [road runners’ club]; Valencia City Council; EMT. The agreement has been signed within the framework of Valencia’s ‘Mobility Week’.

Valencia Marathon and EMT renew agreement

The agreement has been presented by Giuseppe Grezzi, City Councillor for Sustainable Mobility; Vicente Sanz, Vice-President of SD Correcaminos [road-runners sports club]; and Elena Tejedor, Director of Fundación Trinidad Alfonso [foundation]. This year’s agreement was celebrated by showing off the buses that EMT will use to publicise the accord.

A key initiative in the new agreement is the laying on of more buses and bus lines for the event. These will boost services early on the big day, taking runners to the start line for the Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon and the 10-kilometre Valencia Trinidad Alfonso trial, both of which will be held in parallel.

Aware that an event of the Marathon’s size will affect much of the city, the Council and EMT have signed an agreement making all bus journeys in the city up until 4 P.M. on the 19th of November free for everyone — runners and others alike. This will ensure fluid movement throughout Valencia on a day that will see city streets filled with over 28,000 runners taking part in either the Marathon or the 10-kilometre trial.

“Everyone travelling by EMT buses on the day will do so free: runners, volunteers, Valencian citizens, and tourists alike ”, said Giuseppe Grezzi. Vicente Sanz stressed that: “All runners and their companions can use the extra buses laid on between 6 A.M. and 8 P.M. to reach the start line in good time. Lots of extra buses will be running”. He also highlighted “the free service for the 1,500 volunteers helping out in the events”.

“On the 19th of November, both runners, spectators, and ordinary citizens will benefit from the free transport provided as a result of the agreement with EMT”, said Elena Tejedor. The Director of Fundación Trinidad Alfonso [foundation] noted that the agreement “enshrines a community spirit” and stressed public transport is key to ensuring “that the city’s experience of the Marathon will be on a par with Valencia’s ‘Fallas’ festival“”. That is her aim.

EMT’s involvement will also take other forms. Some fifty workers from the Municipal Transport Company [EMT] will take part in one or other of the two running trials. The company will also set up 200 stands along the route to refresh and spur on runners.


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