The IAAF recognizes the Valencia Trinidad Alfonso Marathon improvements granting the coveted Silver Label

18 December, 2014

The 35th edition of the Valencia Trinidad Alfonso Marathon, organized by SD Correcaminos and the city council of Valencia, will experience an upgrade. The International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) has recognized the Valencian event with the IAAF Silver Label after it met the organization’s quality requirements. So the Valencia Trinidad Alfonso Marathon leaps forward to place itself among the greatest world athletics events. All this thanks to the effort and teamwork that have lead to the city now hosting a great event with international projection which takes its foundations from the positive values of sport.


In order to obtain this recognition, the Valencia Trinidad Alfonso Marathon has had to pass the exam of the IAAF observers, who visited the 2014 edition and took good note of the event. On their notebook they wrote down the basic requisites to obtain the recognition, which Valencia fulfills by far. These requisites are, among others: The level of the elite athletes (men and women), doping control, the amount of areas closed to the traffic in the circuit, media coverage of the race, promotion and security.

Paco Borao, director of the race, said he was “very satisfied with this recognition. It is the answer to the hard work that we, at the organization, have been doing to bring the IAAF Silver Label to Valencia. Valencia deserves to be among the best races in the world and we’re going to keep working along these lines so that this improvement doesn’t stop”, says Borao.

“We are especially grateful to our sponsors and collaborators, led by the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation, who have contributed to make this possible. Keeping always in mind the extraordinary city of Valencia, which has responded overwhelmingly, understanding and sharing the passion for running, getting out on the streets to cheer the more than 20,000 runners who are the essence and the reason of our event,” goes on Paco Borao. 

With this recognition, the Valencia Trinidad Alfonso Marathon stands with the Valencia Trinidad Alfonso Half Marathon as IAFF Silver Label-recognized races. One more recognition for a city thrown into running, and which was, after the amazing October edition of the Half Marathon, the fastest city in Spain.
Silver Medal IAAF

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