FAQs 21K Valencia Cancellation

Medio Maratón Valencia
You can choose from among the following three options. Please note that your choice cannot be undone:
  • Exchange your entry for a place on the 2021 edition (24th of October 2021)
    • You will not have to pay a penny.
    • You keep all your entry rights (option to change runner, refund in the event of medically certified injury, and so on).
    • You keep any extras you contracted (cancellation insurance, medal engraving, etc.).
  • Full refund of your entry
    • Any services you contracted will also be refunded in full.
    • If you chose to make a charitable donation with your entry, this will not be refunded. Instead, all the €3 donations will be paid over to PayaSOSpital — this year’s charity — as planned, as will any other donations.
  • Renounce refund of the entry fee for the trial as a token of your support for the Organisation (which has worked for months on an event that has now been cancelled).
    • Includes a guaranteed place on the 2021 edition (24th of October 2021).
    • You can enter by paying the price set for the first tranche of entries during the special offer period.

Manage your entry

If you are entered for the 2020 Valencia Half-Marathon, you will have received an e-mail using the same address you registered with. That e-mail tells you the steps you should follow. If you do not see our e-mail, check your ‘trash’ and ‘spam’ trays just in case your mail server has sent it there. If you still cannot find it, consult the steps HERE.


Remember, in any case you must enter your ID (DNI, Passport Number, as the case may be), your Date of Birth, and your e-mail address so that we can check that it really is you who is choosing a given option for your entry.

You can choose what to do with your entry up until the 31st of August 2020. If you do not choose any of the options by then, we will automatically enter you for the 2021 race edition (24th October 2021) and you can continue managing that entry next year (Change of runner, refund in the event of injury, and so on).

If you choose a refund of your entry fee before the 31st of August 2020, we will ask you for the bank account number where you want to receive the money. Even if you entered using a credit card, we ask you for your bank account number so that you can choose where you want to receive the refund. We do this because you may have changed your bank and/or your credit card may have expired or have been lost in the meantime. Take care to write out and check all the numbers of your bank account. This will help ensure there are no hitches in you getting your refund.

We will transfer the refund on the 15th of September 2020 and you will receive the money in your bank account a few days later.

Of course. Although we do not know what ceiling will be placed on the number of runners next year, if you do decide to use your 2020 entry for the 2021 edition, you can be sure of a place. Furthermore, you will not have to pay a penny extra even if the price for next year’s event goes up. Rest assured, you will have your place on the 2021 Valencia Half-Marathon!

Yes — our Self-Service Area lets you change the options you want. We will even ask you again about your race shirt size and other options.

At the moment, we are waiting until September before taking a final decision on the Marathon. We hope to hold it but if this cannot be, at the very least we shall offer the same options as the ones for the Half-Marathon. That said, you need to decide before the 31st of August 2020 what you want to do with your entry for the Half-Marathon.

If you choose a refund, we will repay you the part covering the Half-Marathon and with any luck, we will see you enjoying the Marathon on the 6th of December 2020.

If you paid for Cancellation Insurance when you signed up, this will remain valid in 2021 if you run that race. If you choose the refund option, we will also refund the insurance premium you paid.

In the light of the situation this year, both the European circuit of Gold Label half-marathons and the circuit of Spain’s best half-marathons have confirmed that the European series will begin in 2021 and that the time for completing the Spanish trials will be lengthened by one year. This means you will have no problems on this score.

All free entries from sponsors and collaborating brands whether given out directly or through competitions or similar mechanisms are hereby cancelled. Given that these were invitation entries, we cannot issue a refund given that nothing was paid for them .Likewise, we cannot transfer the entry to 2021.

If Luanvi gave you a code and you entered for the race after making a purchase at the 2019 Runners’ Fair, this entry will be valid for 2021 and you can be sure of a race bib for next year’s trial. However, we cannot make a refund because your purchase covered sports materials, not a race bib. The race bib was a gift after you made your purchase.