Effort Index

After months of research and coinciding with the last Valencian Marathon, the Valencian Institute of Economic Research and the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation presented the effort Index (é), a new way of measuring the level of physical effort a runner puts in when training or competing.

This is the first time that a numerical value has been used to objectively measure effort. The value ‘é’ is calculated using a mathematical equation containing these variables: the distance you are running, your age, how many years you have been running and the duration of the training session.

People had the chance to work out their effort index for the first time at the Expodeporte of the Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon. At the Ciudad del Running stand computers and tablets were available for visitors to input their own data and try the system.

The effort index is represented by a number between 1 and 100, it is a new tool that runners can use to measure their progress. Furthermore, it allows runners to know the effort index of other runners, know the average of the races the user runs in, compete against friends, compare yourself to other runners and beat the goal you set yourself training session by training session.

Please click on this link to work out your effort index number