First words of the Valencia Marathon 2023 winners

3 December, 2023


  • “I feel great to win in Valencia. Once I passed the half marathon I realised that I was running at a record pace and that I had the strength to run and beat the race record”.
  • “It was my first time in Valencia. I’m very happy to have beaten the record. It’s a very fast course”.
  • “At km 15 I tried to go at a world record pace but the pacemakers  were being irregular at that pace and I decided not to go for the world record but for the race record. At km 25 I realised that I wasn’t going to be able to go under 2:01″.


  • “First of all, thank you for the invitation. I enjoyed running here and I am very happy with the result.”
  • “From the 30th kilometre onwards I started to push hard, running my race and not looking at Ayana. I decided to run my race without looking at my rivals”.
  • “The pacemakers were not everything I was expecting. They were very irregular, so I decided to run alone”.

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