Happy International Women’s Day

7 March, 2015

The greatest Spanish sporting achievements are nearly always achieved by women. The extraordinary accomplishments attained by them in the World Championships and the Olympic Games are a great example for you to start in sports, especially in the world of running. The statistics support this too, year on year the numbers of women participating in athletic events in Valencia such as the 10k, half marathon and the Valencia Trinidad Alfonso Marathon increase every year.



Mujer 10k Valencia

The best example of this is the Trinidad Alfonso 10K. The participation of women in the parallel event of the Valencia Marathon was a fantastic 43% of the total runners in the 2014 edition. We soon hope to see this increase reflected in the full Valencian Marathon, in the last 4 years the number of women runners in the Valencia Trinidad Alfonso Marathon has quadrupled, a great sign of things to come.

In the 10K and the Valencian Half Marathon more and more women are competing than ever, demonstrating the drive of women everywhere to look for more challenging events, and to compete in full marathons. Valencia is the perfect place to go up a distance or get a new PB. The weather, the course and the non-stop support from the spectators, live bands and the passionate locals should leave you in no doubt that Valencia is the place to go to the next level in your running.

In the 2014 edition of the Valencia Trinidad Alfonso Marathon 1504 brave souls took to the Valencian course. On that day we celebrated these 1504 women runners, but today, International Women’s Day, we would like to once again congratulate and encourage all of you to run again in Valencia and make sure the number of women competing in the 2015 edition increases again.

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