Extra places for “The Marathon with Serrano”

11 September, 2015

The Trinidad Alfonso Valencia marathon and Cárnicas Serrano are promoting the activity “The Marathon with Serrano”, an activity focussed on joining preparatory physical training with training sessions aimed at guiding the runners’ preparation.

Although the registration period has closed (10 September), the organisation has decided to continue offering the last few remaining places in Valencia, Madrid, and Barcelona until the last minute. The only requirement is that you must be signed up to participate in the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia marathon.

So, if you haven’t registered for the activity yet, you can still do it via the web until the available places run out.

Valencia starts its activity on the 19 September

This year the activity in the Valencian group “The Marathon with Serrano” will focus on work to strengthen “The pillars of the marathon”, in other words, on reinforcing the 7 major topics that make up the core of preparation for distance running. This activity will kick off from the 19 September.

Every Saturday, before filming in groups, one of the pillars will be reviewed in a chat by an expert on the topic. The pillars are: planning, strength, resistance, race strategy, psychology, injury prevention, and hydration, nutrition, and rest.


It’s Madrid and Barcelona’s turn on the 2 and 3 October

Madrid and Barcelona will start their preparatory activities in October. The Madrid group is being led by Pablo Villalobos, while Barcelona will be headed by Nacho Cáceres. If you haven’t signed up yet …Don’t miss the opportunity!



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