Those taking part in the Breakfast Run with get a Valencian-style breakfast

26 November, 2019
Break Fast Run

Close on 2000 runners from a host of countries will take part on Saturday the 30th of November in the Valencia Marathon’s Breakfast Run. This is a wonderful chance to mix sport and fun before the big day on Sunday. Moreover, participants will be served a typical Valencian breakfast featuring local products.

After a gentle 30-40 minute run on the Turia Gardens’ pleasant 5km circuit, you can enjoy horchata de chufa (a drink made from Tiger Nuts) (from Món Orxata), mandarin oranges from Frutas Tono and imported dried apricots.

There will be no shortage of other refreshments, with liberal supplies of: water from Aquabona; fruit juices from Minute Maid; energy bars from Enervit. All in all, this is a great way to gather strength for the Marathon.

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