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Article 1 S.D. Correcaminos [running club] and the Valencia City Council are jointly holding the 38th Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon. It will be held on Sunday the 2nd of December 2018.

Article 2: The 38th Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon, a 42,195-metre road race through the city, will be open to everyone, whether they belong to the Federation or not. The race is also open to foreign athletes who meet the RFEA and IAAF regulations providing competitors are 18 years old or over on the day of the trial. The urban circuit is a tarmac one and is certified by AIMS/RFEA, and all of the kilometre markings are shown on display panels. The trial is featured in the RFEA and AIMS International Calendar and has been awarded the IAAF Gold Label.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This trial forms part of the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation’s (RFEA) Official Calendar. By entering for the trial, the runner expressly consents to his/her data being ceded to this entity for the purposes of contracting Accident and Third Party insurance policies, as well as applying for a Day Licence and trial rankings. In any event, as provided for by Spain’s Data Protection Act, the applicant may exercise his/her rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition to the data held on him/her by writing a letter or sending an e-mail to the RFEA at: Real Federación Española de Atletismo. Avenida de Valladolid nº81 – 28.008 Madrid. E-mail:

Article 3: The race will start at 8:30 A.M. and access to the Start Line will be determined by the runner’s forecast time.
It is planned to have runners start the Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon in four or more waves in order to make things easier and safer for everyone.

  • At 8:30 A.M. all athletes who entered with times up to 3:30:59 will leave the Start Line.
  • At 8:36 A.M. all athletes who entered with times between 3:31:00 and 3:45:59 will leave the Start Line.
  • At 8:42 A.M. all athletes who entered with times between 3:46:00 and 4:00:59 will leave the Start Line.
  • At 8:48 A.M. all athletes who entered with times of 4:01:00 and above will leave the Start Line.

The decision to have four waves of runners will not affect the proper timing of all athletes, no matter which wave they leave in. The Organisers reserve the right to change the waves as they deem fit in the light of the number of runners or for security reasons. Runners will be given sufficient notice of any such changes.

The maximum official time for completing the trial is 5:30:00. All runners reaching the Kilometre 25 mark after 12:15 P.M. on the 2nd of December 2018 must hand in their race bib, abandon the race and/or board the Sweeper Bus because their projected completion time exceeds by over 15 minutes the time limit for the trial set by the Organisers (that is, 5 hours 30 minutes, taking into account the staggering of the four waves at the Start Line).

All runners entering with the aim of finishing the race in under 3:31:00 MUST accredit their best time in a Marathon, Half-Marathon, or 10-kilometre race well beforehand, following the procedure set out on the registration web site, or later at the race organisers’ behest. Furthermore, the Organisers reserve the right to demand accreditation of a runner’s time where the athlete forecasts completing the race in under 3:46:00.

There will be 9 Start Boxes, based on the times runners forecast to run the race as shown on their entry forms. The scheme for each box and the corresponding running bib colour will be as follows:

  • Running Bib – Yellow: under 2 hours 25 (elite Men) and under 2 hours 48 (elite Women)
  • Running Bib – Green: under 2 hours 38
  • Running Bib – Blue: under 2 hours 50
  • Running Bib – Orange: under 3 hours
  • Running Bib – Violet: under 3 hours 15
  • Running Bib – Pink: under 3 hours 31
  • Running Bib – Brown: under 3 hours 46
  • Running Bib – Grey: under 4 hours 01
  • Running Bib – White: 4 hours 01 +

The Organisers reserve the right to change the box for some runners and to close transfers from one box to another. Such changes will be made for organisational or security reasons and will be with the consent of the runners involved. The change will be made providing the capacity of the new box allows this.

To check which Start Box to assign you to, we check the information provided when you enter for the trial. Some of the details are automatically checked by looking up your results in earlier editions of our trials. In other cases, we ask you for further information through a URL or link to an accredited race in which you have chalked up a similar time (previous classification in the 10-kilometre Race, the Half-Marathon, or the Marathon in the previous three years).

Request for a change of box
As a rule, we assign the box you request in your entry or in accordance with the time you accredit.

If you need to change box after to the initial registration accreditation process, because the time you submitted was wrong or does not reflect your best time, you can do so for a modest fee of €3 (levied for “Bib re-printing and management costs”).

Change of box because you have chalked up a faster time.

If your time has improved since you entered for the trial (providing you can provide a URL that accredits a faster time subsequent to your entry), you can request a change of box online and free of charge.

You can request a change of box online up until 28/11/2018 through our web site at “Request change of Box”

In general, from 29/11/2018 onwards, you can only make changes at The Runners’ Fair, whatever the reason may be. In this case, a fee of €10 will be levied for “Bib re-printing and management costs”.

NOTE: If you have a time accredited for a faster BOX, you do not have to make any change given that you can start the race in a slower BOX, which you can access on the day of the trial. For example, if you are accredited for the ORANGE BOX, you can leave from the PINK BOX, the PURPLE BOX, or the WHITE BOX, as you wish, accessing any of these on the day of the race.

Runners will have a locker service in the start/finishing areas, and there will be chemical toilets at the start and at kilometers 10, 20, 30, and 40.

Article 4: The 38th Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon will be valid as the University Championship for The Valencia Region. All students wishing to take part in this championship must enter for the race through their University Sports Service.

This championship will also be the international championship of Valencia’s Technical University (UPV). All students wishing to take part must enter for the race through the UPV’s Sports Service — Information Office.

Article 5: Entries can be made through the web site at

The entry prices are determined by when the entry is made, as per the following scheme (all dates inclusive):

  • From the 20th of November 2017 to the 31st of December 2017 = €45*.
  • From the 1st of January to the 30th of June 2018 = €50*.
  • From the 1st of July to the 30th of September 2018 = €60*.
  • From the 1st of October to the 15th of November 2018 = €75*.
  • After the deadline = €90* (providing running bibs are still available).

(*) These prices do not include the Day License (€5, obligatory) for runners who do not have a valid Spanish license (RFEA), a valid license for the Valencia Region (FACV) or a valid ‘Corredor Plus’ (‘Runner’s Plus’) card.

Runners who enter up to and including the 30th of June will be able to choose their shirt size .

There is the option of changing the running bib/chip holder’s name. The runner’s name can be changed through our entry web site in the section marked “Request change of runner”.


  • The deadline for making a change of runner is the 15TH of November2018.
  • Once the runner has requested the change of name, there is a period of 7 days to complete the new entry.
  • Fee: The new runner shall pay a fee of €3. The new entry made with this code includes the Day License so there will be no additional charge for this item.

In the event of injury/illness, you can request the refund of the entry fee through the following section in our entry web site “Request withdrawal because of injury”.


  • The entry fee will be refunded in full in the event of injury or illness providing the runner submits a medical certificate with the corresponding diagnosis.
  • The deadline for making an application for a refund and submitting the requisite medical certificate is the 28th of November2018, after which no application will be accepted.
  • The refund will be made through the same payment method used to make the entry (payment by debit/credit card or bank transfer) as soon as the medical documentation has been verified.

Our web site incorporates checks to avoid mistakes such as duplícate entries for a given race. In the event of duplícate entries, the earlier entry will be cancelled and a refund made. A fee of €5 will be applied to cover the costs entailed in managing duplícate entries.

Runners’ bibs and chips are only handed over at the RUNNERS’ FAIR [EXPO DEPORTE VALENCIA , which will be sited at the Museu de les Ciències Príncep Felip [Science Museum], in The City of Arts and Sciences [Ciutat de les Art i les Ciències] on Friday the 30th of November and Saturday the 1st of December, from 8:30 A.M. to 9:30 P.M. (without a break). The Organisers reserve the right to change the venue for the RUNNERS’ FAIR [EXPO DEPORTE VALENCIA]. The Organisers will publicise any such changes.

If the runner cannot pick these up in person, he/she must previously authorise someone else to do so through the self-management area on the web site. Bibs will not be given to those who do not comply with these requirements.

In order to facilitate the pick-up of bibs not collected at The Runners’ Fair [EXPO DEPORTE VALENCIA], the Organisers will give runners/authorised persons the option of picking up bibs (without runners’ bags) from a point next to the lockers on the Sunday on which the trial is held. This pick-up point will be open from 7:00 to 8:00 A.M. (Note that an original National Identity Document or Passport must be shown).

The race will be supervised by the FACV Judges. There will be time controls throughout the race. Only runners wearing the chip on the back of their bibs will be shown in the classification. Runners will be required to run a short distance at the Runners’ Fair stand to check that the chip works properly.

The Organisers reserve the right to close the entry list should they deem fit.


All handicapped runners falling within one of the 4 special categories, will be given a 50% discount on the entry price, bearing in mind the dates and prices given above.

To compete in one of the four special categories (wheelchair, functionally handicapped, sensorially handicapped, mentally handicapped), the entry must be made through FESA (Federación de Deportes Adaptados de la Comunidad Valenciana) [Valencia Federation for Special Sports Categories], whose contact e-mail is:, and whose telephone number is (+34) 963 465 726. FESA has the expertise, knowledge and experience to ensure handicapped sportsmen and sportswomen are placed in the right categories. All athletes who, for any reason, cannot make their entries through FESA, will not be classified in any of the four special categories for handicapped participants and will not be eligible for a discount.

Each blind or visually impaired athlete (B2) who so requires shall be entitled to be accompanied by a guide whose entry will be completely free. Such entry may only be made through FESA. Only one guide can be allocated to each blind or visually impaired athlete.


To compete for a prize in the team category, as well as athletes filling in an individual entry form, a special form at -HERE must also be filled in, setting out the members of the team and the team manager. The deadline for submitting the team form is the 30th of October 2018.

Article 6: For legal and sport reasons, especially concerning security, runners are strictly forbidden to sell/lend/give their bibs to other runners. Given that unauthorised transfer of bibs threatens accurate classification of runners, the Organisers will note the details of anyone making their bibs available to others and ban them from entering trials in subsequent years. The Organisers will also inform bodies holding other marathons, half-marathons, and 10-kilometre races of the irregularities committed. In the case of athletes who are members of the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation (RFEA) and the Valencian Athletics Federation (FACV), these bodies will also be informed of said infractions so that appropriate measures can be taken.

The Organisers reserve the right to ban future entries and to inform other race organisers of those athletes who are disqualified for failing to cover the whole 42,195-metre course.

The entry fee shall not be redundable nor may runners transfer their bibs to other would-be competitors.

Article 7: The categories in the 38th Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon are as follows for both federated and non-federated runners:

YOUTHBORN IN 1997, 1998 OR 1999
  • * Minimum age on the day of the trial: 18.
  • Al the ages given are those on the day of the trial.

There are four categories of handicapped male and female athletes:

Athletes in wheelchairs:

1) Athletes in wheelchairs that are not fitted with drive-assistance through mechanisms or gears. Athletes are only allowed to push their wheelchairs with the aid of the wheel ring. Hand bikes are excluded from all competition categories given that these vehicles are solely valid for cycling events, not for athletic ones.

Road runners:

2) Functional handicaps (persons with physical disabilities, cerebral paralysis and cerebral lesions)

3) Sensory handicapped (blind and deaf)

4) Mentally handicapped

There will be three trophies for each category and gender.

Hand bikes are excluded from all competition categories given that these vehicles are solely valid for cycling events, not for athletic ones.

Athletes in hand bike-style wheelchairs or similar are strictly forbidden from overtaking the Local Police vehicle opening the way for the race. Those failing to observe this rule will be automatically disqualified from the trial. Any athlete disobeying this instruction shall do so at his/her own risk and shall not be covered by the insurance policies contracted by the Organisers.

The only details that the Organisers will take into account in the classifications in whatever category will be those provided by each runner on his or her entry form.

Article 8: The following trophies will be awarded:

Grand Prize: Trophy for the Man and the Woman winning the trial.

General Classification — Men and Women: Trophies for the first 3 in each case.

Classification Categories — Men and Women: Trophies for the first 3 in each case

Classification of the 5 categories of handicapped athletes — Men and Women: Trophies for the first 3 in each case.
University Championship classification: Men and Women

Classification by Teams: Trophies for the first 3 (summing the times achieved by the first three athletes from the same club). To be eligible in the team category, in addition to each runner filling in his or her entry form, a team entry form must also be filled out that lists the runners making up the team and the team’s club manager.

Commemorative Medal for all trial finishers.

All of the trophies that are not collected on the day of the trial will be held by the Organisers. Trophies that have not been collected from the club by the 18th of December will be disposed of.

Article 9: There are the following cash prizes.


The following prizes are open to all runners duly registered in the Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon 2018

In addition, there is a prize of €15,000 for the male winner if he runs the race in under 2:05:00 and for the female winner if she runs the race in under 2:20:00

In addition, there is a prize of €30,000 for the male winner if he runs the race in under 2:04:00 and for the female winner if she runs the race in under 2:19:00.

These last two prizes shall not be cumulative. They may however be aggregated with other prizes (for position, circuit record, and for setting a new world record).


  • 1st €5,000
  • 2nd €3,000
  • 3rd €2,000
  • 4th €1,000
  • 5th €800


  • 1st €2,000
  • 2nd €1,000
  • 3rd €750

These prizes will be paid providing the times are under 2 hours 20:00 for Men and under 2 hours 45:00 for Women.

Men who run the race in a time between 2 hours 20:00 and 2 hours 35:00, and Women with times between 2 hours 45:00 and 2 hours 55:00 will have their prizes cut by half. No prizes will be paid to male runners with a time of over 2 hours 35:00 or to female runners with a time of over 2 hours 55:00. The prizes in the General Classification, Spanish Classification, and the FACV Classification are cumulative.

Given that the Marathon is included in the RFEA’s National and International Calendar, there are compulsory anti-doping tests. All runners who have been selected for this test and who refuse to take it shall be automatically disqualified from all categories and shall not be eligible for any of the prizes. A formal complaint may be lodged with the RFEA concerning said refusal for the Association to act as it deems fit. Athletes who have passed the test and are eligible for a cash prize must wait for the official test results before they can receive the prize.

All cash prizes will be subject to the retentions stipulated by the Law. The net amount will be paid by bank transfer or cheque once the RFEA times and doping test results have been officially released.


Prize for the MVTA record – Men 2 hours 05’15”……………€30,000

Prize for the MVTA record – Women 2 hours 24’48”……….€30,000

Prize for the Spanish record – Men (*) 2 hours 06’52”………€25,000

Prize for the Spanish record – (*) 2 hours 26’51”…………….€25,000

Prize for the Men’s World Record 2 hours 01’39”…………..€100,000

Prize for Women’s World Record 2 hours 15’25”…………. €100,000

*To be eligible for the cash prize of setting a new Spanish record, the athlete must hold an RFEA Federation license.

NOTE: To be eligible for the cash prizes and trophies, the runner must be entered in the 38th Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon.

Article 10: The bibs/chips are unique to each runner and it is forbidden to sell/lend/give them to another runner. The bibs must be properly placed on the runner’s chest, without alteration or folding. Failure to observe these simple rules will lead to the runner being disqualified.

Runners who are not entered for the trial and/or who do not wear the oficial running bib shall not be allowed access to the race. These measures are to protect the rights of properly entered runners. Unauthorised vehicles will be forbidden access in the interests of runners’ safety.

The Trial Judges and the Organisers reserve the right to disqualify any runner if they deem fit. Reasons for disqualification include: (1) not wearing one’s bib in a clearly visible manner, altering the bib and/or lending/giving it to another person; (2) changing the details given to the Organisers and/or Arbitrating Judge concerning the runner’s National Identity Document/Passport and/or Federation status; (3) not running the whole race; (4) being in poor physical shape; (5) not providing the requisite documentation; (6) failure to meet any other FACV, RFEA, or IAAF norms and regulations. IAAF; (7) being entered for the 8th Valencia Trinidad Alfonso 10-kilometre race and/or using the Start Line for the 38th Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon. Federation members are required to compete in the running strips of their clubs and may be penalised if they fail to do so.

Disqualified runners shall not be eligible for prizes and trophies.

Article 11: The course will be marked with a line and the kilometres will be shown. There will be a refreshment point every 5 kilometres along the route in accordance with the IAAF rules. There may be one or more additional refreshment points if the Organisers deem fit. All refreshment points will be properly signposted and publicised.

Article 12: Health services and ambulances organised by S.D. Correcaminos’ [running club] medical team will be sited every 5 kilometres, next to the refreshment points, at the end of the race next to the Sweeper Bus.
All of the runners entered in the race are required to fill in the following information on the back of their bibs: full names; emergency telephone number; any medical conditions (allergies, special care requirements); special medical treatment; blood group.

Article 13: The only vehicles authorised to follow the trial shall be those designated by the Organisers. It is strictly forbidden to follow runners on motorbikes, scooters, bicycles, skates or any other wheeled vehicle or device. The Local Police and Trial Judges will remove any such vehicles from the circuit to prevent accidents.

Article 14: The Organisers decline any liability for damage, harm or injuries that trial participants may suffer or cause to Third Parties. However, the Organisers are holders of an Accident and Third Party Insurance Policy to cover the risks inherent in a race of this nature.

Article 15: Complaints must be orally made to the Arbitrating Judge no later than 30 minutes after the results have been officially announced. The Trial Judge’s decision is binding.

Article 16: By submitting their entries for the trial, all runners expressly understand and accept these Regulations, Disclaimers, and Statements concerning Data Protection. If there is any dispute concerning their interpretation, the Organisers’ one shall prevail.

Disclaimers and Statements

By entering for the trial, the runner declares the following: “I am in excellent health and fit to take part in the 38th Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon. Furthermore, I hold harmless the Organisers, sponsors, and other institutions taking part in the event in respect of any accident or injury that I may suffer before, during, or after the sporting event, and that I hereby irrevocably renounce any legal action against said parties in this connection. During the competition, I will do my utmost to help the Organisers to prevent accidents.

“I hereby authorise the Organisers to make use for advertising purposes any photos, videos and any other kind of audio-visual material in which I may appear. I expressly accept the publication of my name in the trial classification, in the media and/or in the Internet and I renounce any payment, compensation or remuneration in this connection”.

The Organisers recommend that runners go for a medical check-up before the race. By entering for the trial, runners expressly accept the risk inherent in any sport.

Article 17: On entering for the 38th Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon, runners expressly agree that S.D. Correcaminos [running club], The Valencia Municipal Sports Foundation, Fundación Trinidad Alfonso Mocholí de la Comunitat Valenciana [sports foundation]); any other Sponsor and/or Collaborator in the trial, whether on their own behalf or acting through Third Parties, may use images of competitors taken during the trial whether in the form of photos, videos or whatsoever other support.

In accordance with the provisions of Spain’s Data Protection Act 15/1999, of the 13th of December, all the personal details provided by runners and the pictures obtained during the race will be stored in files owned by S.D. Correcaminos [running club], Trinidad Alfonso Mocholí Fundación [foundation], and Comunitat Valenciana [Valencia regional government]. The purpose of such data is to manage, promote, distribute and disseminate the sporting event. In any case, as provided for by Spain’s Data Protection Act, the applicant may exercise his rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition to the data held on him/her by writing a letter and accompanying this with a copy of his/her National ID (DNI) to the Registered Office of S.D.Correcaminos, (Carrer Arquibisbe Fuero, 14- 46009 Valencia) or to Trinidad Alfonso Mocholí Fundación de la Comunitat Valenciana (c/ Antiga Senda de Senent, nº8-2º, CP 46023 Valencia).

For the purposes of legal notification, registered runners authorise the Organisers to use e-mail, mobile telephone or any other mobile or web application (for instance, WhatsApp, Line, Telegram).

Likewise and for sporting, promotional, distributional, and commercial purposes arising from the Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon, competitors authorise the Organisers to reproduce photos of the trial, publish classification lists, etc. through whatsoever device and channel (the Internet, advertising, etc.). Said consent is of indefinite duration. Competitors expressly grant the use of said materials freely as well as the right to reproduce participants’ names, race classification, time, and photos.

FINAL CONSIDERATIONS: Anything that is not covered by these Regulations shall be governed by the FACV, RFEA, IAAF, and The General Competition Rules in force this season.