There are two options, the Digital Pack and the Premium Pack. The former costs €9 and you will receive all the services and benefits relating to your registration digitally by email as well as having access to the virtual marathon application, its features and competitions.

The Premium Pack has all the benefits of the Digital Pack plus a special box with shipping included for €45 to Spain and Portugal and €70 to all other countries to which shipping can be reasonably guaranteed.

In addition to all the digital services included in the Digital Pack, in November the couriers MRW will deliver a box to the address you indicate, containing:

  • New Balance Valencia Marathon T-shirt (choice of short sleeves or vest)
  • Special 4 The Planet Virtual Marathon Medal
  • Personalised Virtual Marathon bib
  • Valencia Marathon bracelet
  • Preferential registration for the 2022 race
  • Courier delivery by MRW at no extra cost
  • CA Serrano Training Plan, by José Garay (starting in August).
  • Access to challenges during your preparation.
  • Competitions and raffles.
  • Nutritional advice.
  • Virtual marathon classification.
  • Classification by Club / Team / Group.
  • Audios and videos
  • Runnea technology:
    • Compatible with Strava and all major GPS apps.
    • Option to run with the app on your mobile and upload your track.
  • Personalised printable bib.
  • Certificate at the end of the Virtual Marathon challenge.

NO, running the virtual race does not ensure you get a bib for 2022. However, if you have chosen the Premium Pack, you will have preferential registration in the first price tranche until all the available bibs are sold out, which will allow you to register before other runners when the 2022 registrations open.

If you signed up for the Digital Pack mode you will NOT have any preference for 2022.

Once your participation in the 4 The Planet Virtual Valencia Marathon is confirmed, in November we will send your box to the address you have indicated.

Yes. During the registration process you can choose the size of the New Balance T-shirt you want to be included in the runner’s bag. You can also choose between a men’s or women’s T-shirt and whether you want short sleeves or vest-style, while stocks are available.

You can modify the size and model of the T-shirt or the delivery address through the section set up for this until 31 October 2021.

No changes will be possible after 1 November 2021.

You must run 42.195 km. You will have four days to complete the run (from 2 to 5 December 2021) and be able to run the distance you want in each session until you reach the total. That is, you can complete the 42.195 kilometers in one, two, three or more sessions, but always over a maximum of four days.

However, if your physical condition allows it and you wish, you can even add more kilometres to the challenge or run it at an even more intensive pace, but the extra kilometres will not be taken into account in the classification.

Yes, when you sign up for the 4 The Planet Virtual Valencia Marathon you will have access to a training plan drawn up especially for this challenge by José Garay, the trainer with CA Serrano.

The training plan will begin in August and continue up to the virtual marathon in December.

No. Once the registration is made it is not possible to change who it is registered to, you will have to be the one who runs the virtual race.

No. There is no cancellation insurance for the virtual marathon.

Yes, under the following conditions:

Deadline: You will have 14 calendar days from the moment of purchase to be able to exercise your legal right of withdrawal, without the need for justification and without any penalty.

Procedure: to exercise their right of withdrawal participants must send an unequivocal statement (for example, an email to the address info@valenciaciudaddelrunning.com) communicating that they no longer wish to participate in the 4 The Planet Virtual Valencia Marathon and indicating their details (ID or passport number, email address and registration number). The model withdrawal form that appears as an Appendix to the Regulations can also be used, although its use is not mandatory.

Effect: The organisers will reimburse the participant the amount paid through the means of payment used on registration, within 14 days following the day on which the organisers received the participant’s request for withdrawal and after verification of their details.

Exemption: Both for the Premium Pack and the Digital Pack, the participant agrees to waive their right to withdraw from the moment they access the content on the +Marathon Valencia app, with this being assumed on access to the app through the participant’s registration.

In addition, in the case of the Premium Pack, since it is customisable, the participant agrees to waive their right of withdrawal if the Pack is acquired after 1 November 2021, at which time the organisers will proceed to customise the items sent.

If you live outside Spain, you can register for the Premium Pack mode and receive your box if you live in any of these countries: Portugal, France, Italy, Holland, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Czech Rep., Greece, Sweden, Ireland and Luxembourg.

If your country is not among these destinations this is because the organisers are unable to guarantee the shipment will arrive in the agreed condition and without an extra cost applied by customs on collection, we, therefore, do not want to cause dissatisfaction due to factors beyond the control of the Valencia Marathon.

The 4 The Planet Virtual Valencia Marathon is something you can experience alone or with friends from your club. There will be a ranking by categories and clubs or running teams.

However, there will not be any trophies for the top positions.

Yes, but it will not have official validity for accrediting times.

No medical certificate or stress test is required to participate in the virtual challenge. However, the organisers recommend runners have a periodic medical check-up and take a stress test at least once every two years.

In addition, you must comply with the safety measures established by the health authorities in the place where you are going to run the 4 The Planet Virtual Valencia Marathon and the provisions set down in the Race Rules, which you must accept in order to register and participate.

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