4.0 Valencia Marathon Virtual Edition FAQs

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If you have chosen to run the 4.0 Valencia Marathon Virtual Edition, every Sunday you will receive an email with a specific training plan designed by José Garay, the national athletics coach with Cárnicas Serrano.

This plan will help you maintain and improve your physical fitness in order to face the virtual race in the best condition.

Yes, there will be a ranking, but it will not be binding. There will not be any prizes or trophies for any of the positions.


In the Serrano 21×2 Challenge there will be ranking by sex, age and country.


In the We Will Keep Running Challenge the rankings will be available from 6 December.

You will receive an email (do not forget to look in your junk folder) with a registration code. Once you have it, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Before running, you must previously register on VR by Sport Heroes and link your GPS (Polar, Garmin, Suunto, Apple Watch, Fitbit, etc.) or smartphone to your profile. Subsequently, you must register for the event with the code that we send to your email.
  2. From 3 December, you must complete the challenge in two sessions of 21,095.7 metres each. You can do it two days in a row or leave one or two in between.
  3. You must not run a distance greater than that indicated. We would, therefore, recommend that, if you are running the Serrano 21×2 Challenge, you set your GPS so that it stops when you have run 21,095.7 metres.
    If you are running the We Will Keep Running Challenge, each day (between 3 and 6 December) you can run the distance you wish, but you must not exceed the total distance of 42,195 metres.
  4. Do not forget to save each session and synchronise it with your app when you get home so they are saved on the platform

Access the platform’s terms and conditions here


Of course. 

If you want to run over 1, 3 or 4 sessions, you must choose the We Will Keep Running Challenge

If you want to do it in 2 sessions of 21 km each, you must choose the Serrano 21×2 Challenge.

If you choose to run the Serrano 21×2 Challenge, you will have to complete two half marathons between 3 and 6 December. You do not have to run them two days in a row. You can spread them as you prefer over these dates.

Remember that you must not exceed the distance of 42,195 m when adding the two sessions together.

The We Will Keep Running Challenge is ideal for those people who want to run in 1, 3 or 4 sessions, dividing the kilometres as they prefer.

Whichever combination you choose, the distance of 42,195 metres should never be exceeded.


If you are entered for the 2020 Valencia Marathon, you will have received an email sent to the same address you registered with. There you will find the different options and the description of the steps you must follow. You can choose to participate in the 4.0 Valencia Marathon Trinidad Alfonso EDP Virtual Edition. If you don’t get that email in the next few days, check your spam folder to see if your server sent it there.

You can also manage your application HERE, from 15th September to 15th October.

Remember that, in any case, you must confirm your registration by entering your ID, date of birth and email address in our system so that we can check that it really is you who is choosing a given option for your entry.

The 4.0 Valencia Marathon Virtual Edition is open to:

  • Any runners who were registered for the 2020 edition and choose to participate in the virtual run.
  • Anyone over 18 years of age, anywhere in the world who registers through the official race platform (more info soon)
  • If you had registered for the 2020 Valencia Marathon Trinidad Alfonso EDP, you can use your entry to do the virtual run at no extra cost.
  • If you had not registered, the price is €120.

As this is the virtual version of the Valencia Marathon Trinidad Alfonso EDP, you must run 42.195 km. You will have four days to complete it, and you can to run the distance you want at each session until you complete the whole marathon distance. This means that you can complete all 42 kilometres in one, two, three or four sessions.

However, if your physical condition allows and you wish, you can even add more kilometres to the challenge.

Yes, when you register for the 4.0 Valencia Marathon Virtual Edition you will receive a training plan especially designed for this challenge by CA Serrano coach José Garay.

When registering you must select whether you wish to receive a training plan each week to complete the marathon distance at your own pace over those four days or if you would prefer to join the more demanding challenge consisting of running two half marathons in two days to complete your 42K.

No, you can’t. Once the entry is completed it is not possible to transfer it to anyone else.

No. There is no cancellation insurance for the 4.0 Valencia Marathon Virtual Edition.

Taking part in the virtual run does not guarantee a place in 2021, but you will have preferential registration at the price set for the first tranche of entries until all the bibs are sold out.

Your runner’s bag includes:

  • Luanvi shirt
  • Customised bib
  • Finisher medal
  • Preferential registration for the 2021 edition (until all available bibs are sold out)
  • Special 40th anniversary magazine
  • Two options for training plan by CA Serrano
  • 4 Enervit gel packs
  • Valencia Marathon bracelet
  • Valencia Marathon gymsack, by EDP

Runner's Bag - 4.0 Valencia Marathon Virtual Edition

Yes. During the registration process, you will be able to choose the size of your Luanvi shirt included in the runner’s bag. You can also choose if you want the men’s or women’s design.

NOTE: Once chosen and sent, no changes or refunds can be made.

Yes. All those registered in the 4.0 Valencia Marathon Virtual Edition will receive their runner’s bag.

You will not need a medical certificate or stress test to participate in the virtual challenge. However, the organisers recommend you undergo a periodic medical examination and a stress test, at least once every two years.

In addition, you must comply with the security measures imposed by the health authorities in the place where you are going to run the 4.0 Valencia Marathon Virtual Edition.