Expo Deporte lives up to the expectations on its second and last day

19 November, 2016


After the success of the first day, the visitors of Expo Deporte Valencia have enjoyed a new day full of activities for children and adults. Having fun andrunning come together in Expo Deporte, a place to enjoy and get ready for the Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon.

Breakfast Run

From nine to half past ten in the morning, 2,000 runners have gathered in the 5K Jardí del Túria Circuit to train together for the last time before the marathon. As in previous years, runners have ran along most of the circuit in the last training of BreakFast Run. This is a great opportunity for runners to revise strategies and check their physical condition before the big event. Having a delicious breakfast together after the training has been the icing on the cake.

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Activities for children

Several activities for children have also taken place from nine in the morning to midday. These were aimed at promoting sports among the new generations. Thanks to Valencia FDM Mini Olympics and the Valencia MAPFRE Mini Marathon, children –from under 5s to youngsters– have experienced what running a marathon feels like. In addition, MAPFRE Foundation and Trinidad Alfonso Foundation have organized a series of educational workshops on nutrition so that children learn to prepare healthy food, and they also learn about the different food groups and their properties.

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Al Maratón con Serrano

The Saturday training sessions sponsored by Cárnicas Serrano have finished. These aimed at getting physically ready for the big event on the 20th of November. In order to do so and in the framework of Expo Deporte, outstanding national athletes – Martín Fiz, Carles Castillejo, Paula González, Pablo Villalobos, Rafa Iglesias y Nacho Cáceres – have taken part in a talk to give runners advice and encourage them.

‘Marathon at School’ prizes

L’Hemisfèric has hosted at 1 pm the prize ceremony of ‘Marathon at School’, a project for children to have fun while they learn about running.

Children were very excited about this year’s edition and around one hundred people have come to the prize ceremony in which the organizers have taken the opportunity to thank schools and teachers for their commitment to instilling the values of the Valencia Marathon.

Rock & Run

Rock & Run was back today at midday to liven up the atmosphere in the surrounding area of the City of Arts and Sciences.

Paella Party

The traditional Paella Party has taken place this year again. From one to half past three in the afternoon, runners and their companions have had the opportunity to taste paella for free. This way, the most international Valencian dish has given runners the energy required for their big day. In addition, a live cooking show has been held so that everyone became familiar with the most representative dish of the Valencian cuisine.

Impuls-a València

Impuls-a València has been held for the fourth consecutive year in Expo Deporte. Once again, runners have felt all the excitement and emotions of running in this cultural event which is completely for charity. This edition has been presented by the journalist José Luís López and it has started off with a lecture by Cristina Mitre. In addition, well-known athletes and other important figures have attended the event. Finally, the the documentary ‘Km 0. Run, live, change… Start again‘ has been screened. ANAR Foundation, a charity which works tirelessly for the welfare of children, will receive the money raised in the 2016 edition of the event.

Expo Deporte has lived up to the expectations this year again with more than 40,000 runners, companions and citizens who have visited its 140 stands in the City of Arts and Sciences and enjoyed all the parallel activities.

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