When I run, how do I raise money for the marathon’s charity fund?

24 June, 2015

The Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon chooses a charitable cause to receive money raised by runners. Every year the marathon chooses a different entity to benefit from the donations.

For the 2015 edition of the Valencian Marathon we have chosen the “Fundación Activa Espina Bífida Comunidad Valenciana”. This not-for-profit organization was founded in 2003 by the Valencian Spina Bifida Association.


How can I contribute?

There are various ways to show your charitable side, they can be direct and very active or more indirect. Below you will find a list of the ways you can take part and help us raise money for those in need:

When you register for the race. In your very first steps towards Valencia you have the possibility of donating directly to the charity. Tick the box and 3€ will go to the Active Spina Bifida Foundation.

In the accompanying events. Running alongside the main event of the marathon there are many other events that charge a small fee to enter or participate. The fee for these events is given to the Active Spina Bifida Foundation. The entrance fee for ‘impuls Valencia’ or the mini marathon, for example, are collected and sent to the charity.

Crossing the finish line. This is where you know that not only has your effort been rewarded by finishing, but also by being in the knowledge that for every finisher the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation donates 1 Euro to the Active Spina Bifida Foundation. 1€ for each finisher adds up to a lot of money. Once the total has been calculated the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation will present a check to the Active Spina Bifida Foundation.

The Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon offers many ways for runners to help raise money for the selected charity every year. Runners from all over the world come together to run and celebrate sports, we also raise a lot of money for good causes. If you would like to see what your charitable donations will be doing this year please visit the Valencian Spina Bifida Association website:



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