Guide to putting your name on the waiting list for the Valencia Marathon, Half-Marathon and the 10-km Race in 2019

1 July, 2019


The waiting list for the Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso EDP Half-Marathon, Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon and 10-km Valencia Trinidad Alfonso Race offers runners wishing to take part in the 2019 editions one last chance of getting a race bib. Some bibs become available either through withdrawals due to injury or because some entered for the race pull out late (whether or not they hold cancellation insurance). 

1. Put your name down on the waiting list

The first thing you should do if you want to compete is to put your name down on the waiting list of the race you want to enter for. This involves filling in your DNI or Passport Number, birth date, e-mail address, and full name. The deadline for putting your name on the waiting list is the 30th of September.

These details CANNOT be changed later in the entry procedure. This is to stop a runner making multiple entries on the waiting list under various aliases.

2. Check the waiting list whenever you want

After this /registration process/ you will receive an e-mail confirming that you have been put on the waiting list and you will be told where you stand on it (the list is in strict order of application). As bibs become free, the system will assign these to people on the list in the same order (so the earlier you put your name down, the greater your chances of securing a bib).

You can check your position on the list whenever you like using the link we send you by e-mail. If you change your mind, you can remove your name. This will give others a better chance of getting a bib.

Avoid bad practices

We started this Waiting List system to help runners who still want to take part in the trial even though no bibs are currently available. The waiting list is designed to be clear and transparent and we do our best to stop bad practices. That is why you should take the following golden rules into account:

  • We do not allow duplicate entries by either DNI / Passport Number or by e-mail. We only accept one waiting list entry per person.
  • You cannot ask for another entry on a list for which you are already entered.
  • The details you give us in the first instance cannot be changed later on. This is to stop people ‘gaming the system’.
  • Should you fail to comply with The Terms and Conditions, we shall not make the entry and will offer the bib to the next person on the Waiting List.

To make sure you are really interested in taking part in the trial, a retention fee of €5 will be charged to your Credit Card for 7 days. Once this period has elapsed, the retention fee will be cancelled. This means that you will not be charged for putting your name on the waiting list.

If you make an entry for the race before the expiry of said 7-day period, do not worry because your bank will automatically cancel the retention fee as soon as that period ends.

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