Paella Party

There are many ways of discovering Valencia and one of them is through the city’s cuisine. The idea of a pasta party has been adapted to local tastes with a dish that is just as healthy (and some would say a lot tastier), served up at: The Paella Party.

The Paella Party will be held on Saturday the 30th of November from 1 P.M. to 4 P.M. at the ‘Umbracle’ (pergola) area oppositeThe Runners’ Fair.

The Party is free for all entered runners wearing the official wristband, which you will be given along with your running bib. Companions and runners in the 10-km Valencia Trinidad Alfonso Race can buy a ticket at the gate for just €5.

Once at the Paella Party, guests will pick up their picnic (a dish of paella, together with drink, bread, and fruit) to eat in the company of others. Parallel activities will be laid on at the same venue on the Saturday before the race.

Marathon runners can enjoy their ‘hydrocarbs’ as they listen to music in the scheduled concerts. The venue is The City of Arts and Sciences’ delightful ‘Umbracle’ (pergola), which features Open-Air Exhibitions.


Companions and runners of the 10-km Race can buy tickets for The Paella Party at the gate for just €5.

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