Organisation chart

València City Council

  • Management Committee Members
  • Trial strategy in the municipal sphere
  • Municipal facilities
  • Volunteers' Office
  • Permit management
  • Co-ordination of municipal services
  • Local Police
  • Institutional Relations
  • Activities promoting amateur sport

S.D. Correcaminos (running club)

  • Management Committee Members
  • Runners' Care Service
  • Sponsorship Management
  • Race organisation, logistics, and infrastructure
  • The Runners' Fair
  • Management of Volunteers
  • Planning, contracting and management of elite athletes
  • Budgetary management
  • Parallel activities
  • Support Programme
  • Medical Services
  • Security Plans
  • Health & Safety at Work
  • Relations with other marathons and sports institutions
  • Entries

Fundación Trinidad Alfonso

  • Management Committee Members
  • Trial Sponsors
  • Event promotion and support
  • General strategy for the event
  • Marketing & Communication Plans
  • National & International Sales Plans
  • Budgetary Sustainability
  • Public co-ordination, involvement, and awareness campaigns
  • Tourism packages & services
  • Image of events

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