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Running isn’t everything! You can also participate in the Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia marathon in a very different but complementary way. You can put on your running shoes and your technical running t-shirt but be part of the organization.

With the objective of continuing the growth of the event and the reputation of the city the figure of the volunteer is becoming more and more prominent and necessary in the Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon. For this reason the organizers of the event would like to extend an invitation to anybody that is interested to register as a volunteer and experience the marathon from the inside.

A large part of the success of the marathon is not only from the sporting excellence on show but also the successful organization of the event. The race is obviously the main event, however, without the drinks stations, the entertainment, the Valencian Sports Expo and the parallel events that run alongside the marathon, the event would not be the success it is. These things are only possible due to the massive effort put in by the organizers and the army of volunteers. The volunteers are unpaid but what they do gain is an immense sense of pride and satisfaction from helping the event to be a success and to help all the heroes running the race to cross the finish line.