Children’s activities

With the arrival of the Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon, the gardens of The City of Arts and Sciences come to life with a host of children’s activities. These take place onthe morning of Saturday the 5th of December, lasting from 9:00 A.M. to Noon (12:00) in Paseo de la Alameda.

The sporting spirit that imbues the race is a golden opportunity to foster children’s activities. Here, youngsters play the leading part. Fundación MAPFRE and Juegos Deportivos Municipales (the Municipal Sports Board) organise these events, which foster healthy lifestyles and are of an educational nature.

In 2020, the following activities will be laid on:

  • Mini-Olympics run by the Municipal Sports Foundation.
  • MAPFRE Healthy Diet Workshop and Road Safety Circuit
  • Marathon at School — Infant Gala .
  • Activities run by EMT València (Public Transport Authority)
  • ’Bouncy Castle’ (in the shape of a bus measuring 9x4m.)
  • Activity Marquee:
    • Musical Theatre ‘La historia de Superbús y Superbusina’ (The Superbus Story)
    • Puppet Theatre: ‘Draco, el dragón curioso’ (The Curious Dragon)
    • Story-telling “El autobús rojo de la EMT’ (EMT’s Red Bus)
    • Inflatables for small children.