‘Running doesn’t kill. Running carefully is healthy’ by Marta Fernández de Castro

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The former professional athlete and trainer Marta Fernández de Castro, from Team 3FdC, writes and article about the alarm caused by the sad news among the world of running, despite being minimum percentages of number of participants.

” All of us who are dedicated to sport, must not give importance to the occurrence; value things in its dimensions and mainly educate (again) that we should keep an eye on our health (effort tests, blood analysis…), follow a proper training plan and compete with common sense”.

‘Run carefully’, by José Luis López

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José Luis López is doctor in Physical Activity and Sport Science, Specialist in athletics for Cadena SER and Canal+, professor at Vic University and athletics national trainer.

“ The problem is not taking part in a marathon, which seems to be an experience filled with personal values and very interesting emotions. The problem is how to prepare it and face the challenge to get guarantees. Thus,we should be careful and use common sense”.


‘How many lifes saves running?’, by Juan Manuel Botella

MARATON 2015 450Juan Manuel Botella, manager in SD Correcaminos and 31 years running in popular races.

“How many lifes saves running? ¿How many heart attacks, how many pathologies related to the heart, overweight, circulatory problems and depressions have been prevented with foot races in Spain?”…


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