Últimas Instrucciones / Final Instructions

61 For the seventh year running, the Regional Ministry and Ecoembes, the non-profit environmental organisation that coordinates the recycling of plastic containers, cans and briks (yellow container) and cardboard and paper packaging (blue container) in Spain, are collaborating with the organisers of the Valencia Half Marathon Trinidad Alfonso Zurich through the "Run, Recycle and Breathe" campaign, which aims to promote recycling and inform the public about the importance of recycling packaging materials correctly, including in the field of sport. Ecoembes continues to support this event with the aim of encouraging runners and athletes in general to take the time to separate their packaging and deposit it in the corresponding container so that it can be recycled in any situation, both at the event and in their daily lives. As in previous years, runners will find more than 100 containers next to the drinks stations along the route where they can deposit their water bottles, plastic containers and cans for hydration, all of which will be transformed from a waste product into a resource thanks to recycling. We should also remember that recycling our packaging, in addition to making the most of resources and improving the sustainability of the products we buy every day, helps us to reduce pollution and therefore to keep the air cleaner, which contributes to improving the pace and breathing of the thousands of marathon runners who will be running together again this year. In addition, at the finish line and post-finish line area, runners will find an information stand to raise awareness and answer any questions about the recycling of this waste and runners can also play recycling roulette. Runners can win a prize for correctly selecting which bin to put their waste in. Ecoembes will also carry out a major awareness-raising campaign, collaborating with the organisers in all their communications with collaborators, runners, fans and, in general, with all race followers, with the aim of communicating the importance and benefits of correctly recycling the packaging waste that we generate every day, including outside the home during the time we dedicate to sport. When you recycle your packaging you are part of a world that keeps on turning. HOW TO RECYCLE YOUR PACKAGING Remember, cans, briks and plastic containers go in the yellow container. And, even if they are dirty or small in size, they can and should all be recycled. And cardboard boxes and containers and paper go in the blue container. Do not worry if they are dirty or small in size as they will all be recycled. ECOEMBES AND THE VALENCIA HALF MARATHON TRINIDAD ALFONSO UNITED AGAIN TO PROMOTE RECYCLING ÚLTIMAS INSTRUCCIONES FINAL INSTRUCTIONS