FAQs Valencia Marathon


Where is The Runner’s Expo (Expo Deporte) located?

At The City of Arts and Sciences. Location

Marathon running bib and goodie bag: Science Museum (Museu de les Ciències Príncipe Felipe).

What are the Opening Hours?

Friday 4 and 5th December from 9 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. (open all day).

What do I need to pick up my running bib and bag?

National ID, Passport or other valid identity document in force.

Can someone else pick up my running bib for me?

Yes but you must authorise that person through the Self-Service Area.

Can I pick up my running bib on Sunday 6th?

Yes, you can pick it up on Sunday 6th between 7 A.M. and 8 A.M. at the Hemisphere (Hemisferic) (but without the goodie bag). To do so, you must show your ID document or Passport.

Can I change my shirt size?

Yes, at The Runner’s Expo (Expo Deporte) subject to the availability of your shirt size.

Can I change my shirt for the man’s/woman’s model?

No. Nevertheless, there will be more models available on the Luanvi stand at The Runner’s Expo.

Where can I find the cloakroom service?

At Autopista de Saler s/n, next to the ‘Umbracle’. Location https://goo.gl/maps/P8rk8QifSkx

What are the cloakroom service’s opening hours?

It will be open on Sunday 6th December from 7 A.M. to 3 P.M.

How many bags can be left by each runner at the cloakroom?

Just one bag per runner. The bag must bear the sticky label provided (the label can be found inside the goodie bag).

Can I change my Start Box?

If you want to change the Start Box you have been assigned on the basis of either your accredited time or the estimated time you gave on the entry form, you can ask at Self-Service Area.

Request Box change

Up until the 1st of November, you can request changes free of charge and for any reason.

If you need to change your Box after the 2nd of November because you made a mistake in accrediting your time or because you requested a box that does not match your best time, you can ask for a Box change by paying an additional fee of €15 to cover “Bib management and reprinting costs”.

WARNING: No BOX changes will be made from the 1st of December onwards (whether through the online service or at The Runner’s Expo).

What happens if I am injured?

You can also request an entry fee refund because of injury by going to the services section of our ‘entry’ web site “Request injury refund”.

The request for leave due to injury ended on November 1, however the organization has extended the deadline until November 15.

If you are not going to run in the race, you can transfer your bib and place for the trial to another runner.

You can change the name on the bib/chip through the following section of our ‘entry’ web site “Request change of holder’s details”.

You will be refunded your entry fee and be given an entry code so that the new runner can enter for the same price as you did plus an additional €5 to cover management costs.

From the 1st of November on, you can’t make changes to the entered runner.


Salida Maratón y 10K Valencia Trinidad Alfonso

When does the race start?

8:30 A.M. — Start for the first wave of Marathon runners

8:45 A.M. — Start for all runners who have entered with times of between 3 hours 31:00 and 3 hours 45:59.

9:00 A.M. — Start for all runners who have entered with times of between 3 hours 46:00 and 4 hours 00:59.

9:15 A.M. — Start for all runners who have entered with times of between 4 hours 01:00 and 4 hours 30:00.

9:30 A.M. — Start for all runners who have entered with a time of 4 hours 31 and above. 

Where does my race start?

Puente de Monteolivete (bridge). Road closest to the Hemisphere (Hemisferic)

What determines my start time?

The time shown on your entry form.

How can I get to the Start area?

We strongly recommend you use public transport to reach the Start area for your race.

EMT: Special services with extra buses laid on for the 35-95-99 bus lines bound for the Start area. The buses run from 5.30 A.M. to 7.30 A.M. Bus services on all lines are free up until 4 P.M.

Metro Valencia (underground railway). Lines 3 and 5. The stop closest to the Start points is Alameda (a 20 minute walk away).

Is there a place to park bicycles?
Yes, next to the lockers in the area next to the ‘Umbracle’ (sculpture garden pergola).

Are there special bike racks for Valenbisi bikes in the area?
There are Valensbisi bike racks throughout the Start and Finish areas.

Are there car parks near the Finish area?

Free access Parkings:

Parking 1: Pabellón Fuente de San Luis
Parking 2: Avenida Antonio Ferrandis
Parking 3: Bulevar Sur – With free shuttle bus for runners and relatives towards the start line.

Parkings opening at 6:00 h
Parking 4: Centro Comercial Aqua (Not recommended for the 10K runners)
Parking 5: Ocenogràfic (not free)

parkings maraton valencia

Which box do practice runners use?

There is a box for each pace. There are practice runs to complete the race in 3 hours, 3 hours 15’, 3 hours 30’, 3 hours 45’, 4 hours, 4 hours 15’, 4 hours 30’, and 5 hours.

Where should they be placed?

On your chest, as required by the RFEA (Royal Spanish Athletics Federation). This is very important because if you fail to follow this simple rule, the timing system will not pick you up and you will not appear in the classification.

Warning: You must not alter the running bib in any way.

How many refreshment points are there?

There is a refreshment point every 5 kilometres. At kilometres 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 37.5 and 40 as well as at the Finish.

What do the refreshment points have to offer?

Liquid refreshment:

Agua and Powerade at kilometres 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40. There is also Powerade Zero at the Finish.

Solid refreshments:

From Kilometre 25 onwards and also at the Finish.
Enervit gels are available at kilometres 20 and 30.

Chemical WCs will be dotted around the Start and Finish areas and along the race circuit (at the refreshment points at kilometres 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40).

Where is the Finish?

In The City of Arts and Sciences on the boardwalk next to the Science Museum.

Where can I see the Finish from?

There will be free stands flanking each side of the home stretch so that the general public can watch runners as they streak to the Finish.

What time does the trial end?

Around 2 P.M., taking into account the lag between waves of runners.

Is the race re-broadcast?

Yes. The race can be followed through:

Movistar+ from 8 A.M. onwards on Sunday.
On the official web site for the race.
Through the official web site www.maratonvalencia.com

Can I follow one or more runners?

Yes, using the Official App, you can follow the progress of up to 20 runners each 5 kilometres of the way. The App for your Smart Phone or Tablet is completely free.

Download link Android.
Download link iOS.


Are there showers?

Yes, there are free showers for runners at Poliesportiu Quatre Carreres (zona sur).

How can I contract the service?

There are 2 options:

If I have already contracted the service, what must I do on the day of the race?

Go to the Medal Engraving Service stand and you will be given a ticket/bracelet, which you must hand in at the area behind the Finish Line when you have completed the race.

If you contract the service through the web site or The Runners‘ Fair, you must pick up an ID bracelet at the Fair. You must show this bracelet on the day of the race to speed up queuing for medals.

There will be two queues on the day of the race:

  • For those who previously contracted the service.
  • For those who want to have their medals engraved there and then

Where can I see the results?

The provisional results can be looked up on the official web site for the race and on the official App, from the afternoon of the race onwards.

The final classifications will be published within a few days of the race.

The Runners‘ Fair Accreditation Center will set up a Lost Property pick-up point.

The trophy winners in the various categories must not leave the area behind The Finish. Instead, they should wait next to the podium after crossing the Finishing Line.

Is there a web site where I can buy photos of the race?
Yes, at www.marathon-photos.com. There will be a section for the Valencia Marathon.

How does it work?
You must enter your bib number or full name to see the photos. You will then be given various purchase options.

Where can I see my race videos?
The trial organisers, together with CorriendoVoy.com, will record video at the Start, at points along the course, and at the Finish. You can request the video of ‘The Film of Your Race’ on the day following the trial.

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