Renfe offers 35% discount on train journeys to Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon and Half Marathon.

27 May, 2015

The Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon and Half Marathon have signed a very special deal with RENFE (Spanish train and rail network). For the 2015 editions of Valencia’s most famous races all runners and their travel companions will be able to get a 35% discount off their train fares for all train services including local, intercity and high speed trains (AVE). The discount is available for any train journey within Spain with Valencia as its destination.
If you are running in Valencia we strongly recommend you take advantage of this offer to get your ticket with 35% discount for you and your travel companions. This discount is applicable to all RENFE journeys with Valencia as the final destination. With this discount the event organizers and RENFE aim to persuade runners to drop their cars and come to Valencia by train. The discount is available for the half marathon in October and the big event in November; the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon.

The discount is not available immediately. The discounted tickets will be on sale 3 months before the date of the event. You can book tickets from the 27th of July* for the half marathon and from the 24th of August* for the full marathon. We will be sending reminders just before the discount period opens to remind everyone that they can start booking their tickets and getting the 35% discount.

Not only are we offering these fantastic discounts on your train fare but, also, we have gathered together all the information you need for your stay including hotels and other types of accommodation for runners on the website: www.welcometovalencia.com . On the website you will find many other offers that will save you money and help you make the most of your stay here in La Ciudad del Running.

We offer all these services and discounts so you can have a fantastic race but also take the opportunity to spend a few days in Valencia and get to know the place. If you are interested in booking a package (flight, hotel, race registration), please call our help and sales line; 00 34 963 870 996 to speak to our team at ‘welcome to Valencia’.



The 27th pf July and 24th of August are approximate dates for the launch of the respective promotions. Once the offer has been activated bty RENFE, we will inform all registered runners and the general public through our media and online channels.

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