Can you imagine going out to train only to discover that your city is sending you messages, helping you to reach your goal? That is just what happens in the new advertisement for the Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon, in which buildings, streets, and monuments encourage you to turbo-boost your performance.

You were born to fly and Valencia Ciudad de Running has one of the world’s ten best marathons. Now is the moment to enter and start your training!

Rejoice for much more than 42,195 metres lies ahead! On the run-up to the race, you will draw strength and inspiration from Expo Deporte Valencia, probably the most amazing runners’ fair you have ever been to. Soon, the starting pistol will be fired and you will have a whole city focusing on just one thing — cheering you on, making your path to the world’s best Finishing Line a memory to treasure forever. As you run the race, you will see, hear, and feel Valencia’s spirited encouragement at over 200 support points, all of them helping you race to glory. Just to make things easier, you will see the city’s most iconic sights as you speed over the city’s ‘pancake-flat’ circuit.

See you on the 1st of December!

*Federative licence not included (5 euros)