FAQ registration confirmation process 2021


You must confirm whether you wish to run the race for which you are now registered, the Valencia Marathon Trinidad Alfonso EDP or the Valencia Half Marathon Trinidad Alfonso EDP, or whether you prefer to receive a 100% refund for the amount of your registration.

Closed process 30 June.

Remember that, in either case, you must confirm previous registration by entering your ID/Passport, date of birth and email address on our system, so we can confirm it is you who is deciding on your registration.

Now you can only choose whether you want to run this year 2021, accepting the medical and health requirements established by the organisers and which we will confirm as soon as possible, or request a refund of your registration.

It is not possible to transfer your registration to 2022.

To confirm you want to run and reserve your place in the 2021 race, you have to notify the organisers of your wish before 30 June. We need to gauge the size of the event by the number of runners who really want to take part and we need to know this figure as soon as possible.

For this reason, it will not be possible to guarantee your place if you do not confirm your intention to run before 30 June.

We will always refund 100% of the registration fee, but we will no longer guarantee you a place to run in 2021. You will have lost the right to participate this year but you’ll always get your money back.

If you choose the return of your registration fee, starting in July, we will begin the process to refund your money via a transfer to the bank account you indicate to us. 

Even if you signed up with a credit card, we ask that you provide us with your bank account details so that you can choose where you want to receive the refund, because you may have changed your bank account or your card may have expired or you may have lost it. Be careful, and write down all the bank account numbers correctly. This will ensure there is no problem with the return.

No, you will not be able to transfer your bib, but you can request a refund at any time and your registration will be managed by the organisers, who will decide, depending on the capacity, whether to make the place available to another runner who is registered on the waiting list or to cancel the place.

Yes, as we announced at that time, waiving your registration last year had the advantage of securing a guaranteed reservation for the 2021 race. You will, therefore, receive an email so you can register during a preferential period, before the other runners can do this.

* If you do not receive one, check your spam folder frequently.

If you participated in the 4.0 Valencia Marathon Virtual Edition last year by choosing this option with your registration, as we said then, you will be in the preferred positions on the waiting list, which is the only way to get a possible new place for 2021. This means that if we open registration, there is a good chance you will get a bib.

The waiting list will help the organisers to manage access to the Valencia Marathon 2021 for all the people who are interested in running but who do not have a confirmed registration. Participants in the 4.0 Valencia Marathon Virtual Edition 2020 have preference, for example. The organisers will allow access to registration for the race depending on the cancellations that occur. 

It is important you understand that being on the waiting list does not, under any circumstances, guarantee you a placeto run this year. The number of places will depend on the cancellations, without exceeding the capacity limit established by the race organisers.

If you get chosen to register through the waiting list you will receive an email with a link and you will have 48 hours to formalise your registration at the price of €120 for the Valencia Marathon and €60 for the Valencia Half Marathon (the price for registration from the waiting list).

The only way to be able to make a new registration for the race this year will be by registering on the waiting list and being chosen from it, if there are places.

If you paid for cancellation insurance in your registration, it will still be valid in 2021 and you will be able to cancel whenever you wish until 1st of December, recovering 100% of your registration fee (instead of 80% as stated in the insurance contract) so you will not be penalised.