Introduction to the ‘Objective Valencia by Serrano’ training plans

28 July, 2021

José Garay, Serrano’s Coach, responsible for the ‘Objective València by Serrano’ training plans has these tips for you

When you decide to train for and run in a marathon, you make one of the most challenging, motivating and demanding decisions a runner can make. From Monday 16 August and for the next 16 weeks, the +42KValencia app will offer you a training plan that will help you to rise to this challenge, so you can run along the blue walkway to cross the finish line in the City of Arts and Sciences.

However, there are a number of considerations to take into account before embarking on the specific exercises in the training weeks as they will help you to achieve the right level of fitness to begin with. Firstly, to complete the preparation successfully you must be available and understand how to best adapt the plan to your personal and professional life. You have to create around yourself the best possible conditions so you can train without pressure and with the support of your friends and family.

All runners should always keep their health in mind and train responsibly. For this reason, I recommend a good sports medical check-up and report that certifies you are fit for the planning, training sessions and competition.

Objetivo Valencia - Entrenamiento

Your body and mind must start the training plans in the best possible condition and this will depend on your activity in the weeks prior to starting on the plan. Therefore, you should lose fitness before you start your preparation and you will have to stop training systematically and increase your rest.

This transition period can be characterised as a cycle of active recovery between the end of the previous season and the beginning of the preparation for the next season with the Basic-General Period. The main objective is the maximum recovery of your body, as well as various psychological aspects that can affect a runner and that are caused by an intense and long season.

You will, therefore, plan approximately two to three weeks of transition and active rest with the following objectives and activities:

In this period, it is very important to disconnect from both the competitive and the systematic part of your training. It is essential to feel that your body and mind are resting and that no strong stimuli of any kind are being experienced.
This is the ideal time to get over any minor injuries you may have, strains, swelling, etc. You should visit your physiotherapist to help you eliminate any muscle, joint or tendon issues.
You can use this time to do complementary activities and other sports (hiking, mountaineering, swimming, cycling, etc.) In short, do not give up sport, but instead include a recreational, fun and non-competitive component. This will ensure you do not suffer a total loss of physical condition and will help make the first few introductory weeks easier to assimilate.
Do some strength training through circuits in the gym and toning exercises. It is important that your physical structure is not weakened before you start the preparation.

You can do some gentle running for about 45 minutes. These should be low intensity runs. Due to the heat, your heart rate will be higher and you need to manage your aerobic sessions appropriately.

It may be a good time to choose the kit you are going to use for training and above all to have the right training and competition shoes and ensure they are in good condition.

It is important to monitor your diet to avoid gaining too much body weight. By increasing rest and decreasing your training load it is normal to gain weight, but we must avoid overdoing this. The more weight we put on, the harder the first weeks of the introduction will be.

On the other hand, the first week of the plan includes a Maximum Aerobic Speed (MAS) test that will evaluate your current fitness level and adjust the intensities for the first few weeks. The introduction will, therefore, be carried out according to your physical condition.

All these tips will help you to manage your time before you start training, ensure you do not lose your fitness completely, prioritise other activities over running and help you have fun doing other sports. Resting and disconnecting is the best possible training you can do.

I look forward to seeing you all from the 16th onward! All the best!

If you are already registered and you haven’t download the app +42KValencia, download it now for free in your smartphone.

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