Every October in Valencia the Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Half Marathon turns the streets of the city into a carnival and celebration of running. Now in its 26th edition, this world-class event attracts runners from around the world to take to the streets of Valencia to get the city pumped up and prepared for the main event, The Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon.

The half marathon has broken many sporting records, the noise, warmth and passion of the crowd is also in the highest categories of running. An endless stream of crowd, music and entertainment pushes the runners on to achieve their goal: finish the 21.097 Kilometers. The runners’ efforts are well compensated by crowd energy and entertainment from the starting line to the finishing line. Drumming groups, traditional marching bands, charities and local social/sporting clubs bring their best singing voices and local passion to help you fly to the finish line. You will be smiling all the way as the crowd push you on with their waving, cheering and well wishing.