From today you can get 35% discount on train fares to the Valencian Half Marathon

21 September, 2015

How are you planning on getting to Valencia? If you are flying into Madrid, Barcelona or coming from another Spanish city you should travel in style on the RENFE. RENFE is the Spanish national train system, it is one of the most modern networks in Europe; Spanish rail is very well connected, punctual and cheaper than many Northern European countries. The 35% discount is applicable to all train journeys including the Spanish Bullet Train (AVE). From today until the 18th of October you will get 35% off any ticket to Valencia on the dates just before the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia half Marathon. The discount is for runners and their travelling party.

How to validate the discount?

To implement the 35% discount, you must download the attachment of Renfe, where you’ll find a promotional code.

Once you have this code in your hands, follow the instructions and use it when buying your ticket through Renfe.


Clarification:This promotion can be applied once the RENFE tickets are put on sale. If you have any questions about this promotion contact the runner’s customer services by telephone on 963 940 200 or by email: info@valenciaciudaddelrunning.com

Once you have your code, use it to buy your ticket by following the instructions on the RENFE website. But just in case here are the most frequently asked questions about this RENFE promotion:
• Does the 35% apply to all the fares available on the internet?
It’s not applicable to all of the fares, only on the “flexible” fare.
• How can I access and buy RENFE tickets with the 35% discount?
On the RENFE website: www.renfe.com, in Transvía travel agents, or by phone on 963 870 996.
• Want dates can I access the 35% discount?

From 14 until 20 october.
• What’s the process for buying the tickets online?
1. Select the origin, destination, or date.
2. Select the desired train by checking one of its fares.
3. On the dropdown fare menu select the events/meetings option.
4. Introduce the authorisation number* and click recalculate.

More discounts for the Marathon

The same discount will also be available for routes going to the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon from 15 November 2015, but runners will have to wait until the end of August for these discounts to come into effect. The release of these tickets will be announced on the event’s official webpage and on its social media channels.

Special trains to and from Barcelona and Madrid
Apart from the RENFE offer, www.welcometovalencia.com is offering runners and their companions access to special train seats to and from Barcelona and Madrid which have been reserved for the Marathon and Half-Marathon. These special trains aim to make access to both events easier from both of these cities. If you’re interested, you can get all of the information you need from the “Welcome to Valencia” customer services, coordinated by Transvía journeys, on the following telephone number: 96 387 09 96.

Travelling to Valencia is now easier than ever

Train ticket, check! Hotel… err…. You can find the best hotels at the best prices in The City of Running on www.welcometovalencia.com. These hotels have been used for years by marathon runners and the City of Running team have negotiated some big discounts for you. We are making all of these suggestions because we want runners and their companions to enjoy Valencia, The City of Running, where the street race has now become the perfect excuse to get to know the city as a tourist destination.

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