Garmin Forerunner® 235: the Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon’s official watch

13 November, 2017

Garmin undertakes a new sponsorship initiative with its Forerunner® 235, bringing this technological marvel to one of Spain’s biggest sports meetings: the Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon, which will take place on the 19th of November, and to Expo Deporte [The Runners’ Fair] on the two days before the trial (17th and 18th of November).

The event will mark a new record: 31 years after the first edition, this is the first time the trial has broken the barrier of 19,000 runners. This year, Garmin has the honour of being chosen as the maker of the Marathon’s official watch — in this case, one of the company’s star products — the Forerunner® 235. Garmin will be in the spotlight on the 19th of November, with its chronometer marking the times of over 19,000 runners from 87 countries taking part in the Marathon, and 8,500 who will run the 10-kilometre race.

Garmin, the official watch for the Valencia Marathon

The Marathon is currently Spain’s fastest trial for both men and women. Of the male athletes, John Mwangangi holds the record for the course at 2:06:13, which he chalked up in 2015. Of the female runners, Valary Jemeli holds the fastest Marathon record in Spain with a time of 2:24:49 (2016). This year, the world’s top athletes will try to beat these records with the help of the Garmin chronometer.

Supporting runners

Garmin will provide the Finishing Line chronometer for the Valencia Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon and it will also mark the time throughout the whole trial. Those who want to discover the brand’s latest advances and check out the Forerunner® 235, can visit the Garmin stand at Expo Deporte, The Runners’ Fair which will be held on the two days before the Marathon, that is: on the 17th and 18th of November .

Garmin Forerunner® 235

There were several reasons for the choice of this device as the official watch for the Valencia Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon. One only needs to consider its various qualities to realise that it is the perfect companion for any athlete, and especially for those running a Marathon. Its many virtues include simplicity, versatility, ‘smart’ technology, and advanced tools. This smart, fully-featured watch accompanies thousands of runners every day. Many will sport this watch as they run the Valencia Marathon. The watch has many innovative features, is extremely accurate, and shows the information that is vital for runners.

Furthermore, it has GPS, calculating the distance and rhythm for outdoor running. It also has an accelerometer that captures data bearing on distance and rhythm for indoor exercises, without the need to add a pedometer.

Fitted with Garmin Elevate™, technology, which continually measures heart rate from the athlete’s wrist pulse, Forerunner® 235 provides information on the athlete’s effort and uses various colours to indicate heartbeat rate per minute in real time. It also gives an idea of safe heartbeat rates for each user depending on one’s age. One can also adjust the watch for different time zones and use the Garmin Connect app to personalise the device depending on each user’s needs.

Something that sets the device apart and that is of great importance to runners is the watch’s ability to provide dynamic data on the race. Key features include: control over recovery, rhythm, vertical movement, time in contact with the ground, and stride distance. This gives athletes detailed information on how efficient and balanced their running technique is.

Likewise, the watch’s Virtual Racer™ function makes it possible to compete against best running results or against the performance achieved in other activities by linking with the data on the Garmin Connect™ web site. Furthermore, one can mark training sessions using the Virtual Partner® feature, which compares one’s performance with a pre-set benchmark, allowing one to pace oneself accordingly. The device issues an alert when the athlete either excels or fails the set parameters.

The device can also monitor activity, given that it measures steps taken and calories burnt during the day, reminding the user to move his or her body after an hour without stirring so that they may lead a healthy life.

When the device is paired with compatible smartphones, Garmin Forerunner 235 provides highly practical connection functions, such as automatic uploading of data to the free Garmin Connect community, allowing one to save, plan, and share one’s activities. Likewise, once paired with one’s smartphone, the Garmin Forerunner® displays alerts on the watch screen: incoming calls, e-mails, text messages, social media alerts. Thanks to its LiveTrack function, family and friends can follow one’s running progress in real time from anywhere.

Full information on Garmin

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